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Well Known - TAKRUT - Power !!!




Needless to say, takrut is also another form of Thai amulet. Many people had encountered real miracle from their own experiences. Thai takrut is well-known for great protection that can save and protect life. In fact, takrut has various benefits such as invulnerable, pokkasap (wealth), Metta Mahaniyom (great kindness and charming) as well as protection from black magic devils and accident.



Takrut is well-known amulet among the Thais for a long time. Thai believed that takrut is very powerful and holy. The existence of takrut in Thailand dated back since Ayudhaya period. It has since then lasted all the way till the present era.  The way to make a takrut by guru monk or Arjarn is not just simply putting yant in a holy sheet. The process is more than just that. Magic incantation and intended meditation are also part of the essential process without which the takrut is just another ordinary writing without strength.





 Pick Up Crashed – But still Safety!!!

One man said that he has takrut of LP Aut. He drove pick-up car one day and got a serious accident at Pak Gred, Nonthaburi province. His pick up car was crash and broken into 2 parts. It is hard to believe that all 5 people in the car were safe and all hanged takrut of LP Aut. They believed that they were safe because of carrying LP Aut’s takrut with respect.


Taxi Driver Survived – Knife Can’t Stab!!!

One taxi driver said that he was driving at SaiMai Road. Suddenly he came face to face with a criminal who wanted to stab him but the knife could not hurt him when he was stabbed. He also believed that this is because of power from LP Aut’s takrut.

PAMTK199                                            PAMTK188                                       PAMTK146

South Solider – Safe from Car Bomb!!

   Police Lieutenant General ChaoWaRit JaRuJinda, Safety National Commander and group had been to LP Aut’s temple to rent his bullet takrut from His Holiness. He said that he knew the reputation of LP Aut from newspaper and his subordinate. Apparently, his subordinate had worked at south province before. It is known to be a violent area with Military troop.  As his men were incredibly safe from car bomb, he decided to travel to Wat Sai mai to rent the takrut for himself.

 Hilarious – One Man Cut Neck – Survive - Miracle!!

This news happened on 13 May 2007.  Mr. ChaTree DuangPaKot who was a motorbike driver said thatMr.FaHat had approached him for his service to go Rangsit market. While he was driving, suddenly Mr.FaHat took out a knife and threatened him to stop the motorbike. When he stopped the bike, Mr.FaHat not only robbed his money, but also stabbed the knife at his neck with such great strength. Surprisingly, the knife could not successfully penetrate his neck and Mr Chatree only suffered a little wound from this event…!!! while he was waiting for passenger at Lotus super center, Pathumthani provine,

After the doctor scanned Mr.ChaTree’s neck, he was told that he only got small wound. He strongly believed that he survived from the bad situation because of the power from LP Aut’s takrut.

As the Police were doubtful and do not believe Mr Chatree, Police general Sopon PeungChai decided to prove how sharp of this knife was. Mr Sopon used this knife to cut a thick rubber tube. It found that the rubber tube completely broke into two in one cutting.

Source : Thairath Newspaper on 12 May 2007.



SHOCK - Takrut GaSaTon!!

This accident happened at ChiangMai province. One woman was driving a motorbike with her one year old son. While she was making a U turn and drove her bike across the road, a pickup drove straight towards them with high speed without stopping. It had missed them with no occurrence of accident. It was a very close shave. She believed strongly the reason for their safety was because of the power of Gasaton takrut , created by KB Noi of Wat Sri Don Moon, she hanged on her neck.

TAKRUT – KB Noi can’t Stab!! 

can’t complete this process Mr.ThongKam JaiTon is 65 years old. He lives in Chiangmai province. He said that he went to see a doctor to check up his body. A doctor tried to put hypodermic syringe into his stomach. But it was broken. The doctor tried many times but wasfor reason unknown. Mr.Thongkam recalled that he had hanged a takrut GaSaTon of KB Noi. As he realized what could be the reason, he took it off. After that, it was when the doctor could put hypodermic syringe into his stomach smoothly & without much difficulties. Mr.Thongkam began to believe that this takrut is so powerful.

Source : KhaoSod newspaper 2 September 2007.

                                           PAMTK202                                PAMTK207

 Still Hilarious – Takrut GaSaTon!!

On 19 September 2007, a miracle happened to Mr.Tavorn NaJak a 59 years old man who was a member of SaiNoi Local Administration. He lived in Phrae province.

A criminal used a short gun to shoot 5 times at him. A bullet went passed just above his head and shaved his hair. His hair slipped off  and the rest was disarranged. But he was not wounded from this event.

He later revealed that he got this takrut GaSaTon in B.E.2532. He had hanged this takrut all the time.

He believed that this was because of takrut GaSaTon of KB Noi. After that, he met KB Noi immediately and related this event to KB Noi. After hearing, KB Noi chanted mantra and blow at his head.

                                                                     PAMTK252                     PAMTK146 



   This situation happened on 30 July 2007. Mr NattaGorn Sookmankongsamer was driving on Taweewattana Ganjanapisek Road when he lost balance and his car overturned. It went into a river and was totally destroyed. However, he was safe and sound as he was wearing a LP Aut’s takrut.

  House Bomb from Firework – All were Safety!!

This event happened on 18 June 2007. Mr.RayWat TaPan was 43 years old. He lived in ChiangMai province. His house was very near Wat SriDonMoon which is KB Noi’s temple. His business was in the firework industry. One day, his worker was careless while working. Suddenly, there was a burst at his house. His house was bombed and totally damaged. But he and his family were safe from this blast. He related that he had just rented Takrut GaSaTon of KB Noi. He kept this takrut at his house. He believed that he and his family were safe because of the power and blessing of this takrut.  After that, he met KB Noi and shared this miracle with Him.



              PAMTK239                          PAMTK55b                             PAMTK187



 Survived Miracle – Top Holy LP Aut’s Takrut!!

This situation happened on 13 May 2007 to a 52 and a 16 years old lady. Mrs.Noi NinWong and Ms.NatTaMon NinWong had traveled on that particular day to receive LP Aut’s takrut. Ms.NatTamon worked as a caddie at TuPaTayMee Gold Course. She said that on that day about 5.30 am, when she was travelling to work from her house, she met with 2 thieves. They tried to use a gun to shoot at her 3 times but the gun could not trigger.  The police that happened to witness this event was able to arrest the thieves because of the miracles that happened. She believed that she was saved from this bad situation because of the power and blessings of the takrut she hanged. At that point of time, please note that she was not wearing any other amulet except LP Aut’s takrut.



               PAMTK242                                                             PAMTK243


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Edited by: Clement Lim


Last modified : 02 Nov 2010 - 04:34 PM (GMT+7:00)
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