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King of Jade-Black Jade, Health Bodyguard from Nature


King of Jade-Black Jade
Health Bodyguard from Nature


Black Jade has the strongest elemental power, so it’s accepted as “King of Jade”. Jade in black is harder to find than other jade stones because it settles in deeper layers of rock. Actually, it isn’t black color, but blackish green.

In the past, black jade was given as a wedding gift in China especially in noble to royal families lasting until Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, jade stones are used widely in China and other countries in making artifacts.

The ancient Chinese believed that breathing air through jade would lead to longevity. China's historical affinity for jade is comparable to the Western attraction to gold. As a professional support stone, jade aids doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and all healers in making practical diagnosis and in their applications.

**Benefits of Jade Stones:


1) Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm. A piece of Jade kept in a pocket or on a pendant to stroke from time to time recharges energy, and traditionally guards against illness.

2) Black Jade is the stone of independent living in spite of physical limitations. It inspires very old people, eager for active living, not to give up on dreams.

3) Black Jade in the home encourages respect and a voice, from the youngest to the oldest. It is balancing if certain members are dominant, clever with words or manipulative.

4) Jade may also be used to temper the shock or fear of the very young or very old being cared for in the hospital or away from home and family.

5) Black Jade can detoxify and cleanse your body system because it eats a wearer’s sweat.

6) Black Jade is as a longtime Chinese talisman against dangers and feeling of insecurity.

7) Jade may also be used to temper the shock or fear and negative thoughts of the very young or very old being cared for in the hospital or away from home and family.

8) Black Jade helps prevent unlucky and bad invisible energy from evil directions.

9) For those doing soul retrieval and shamanic journeys in their meditations, Black Jade is an excellent focal crystal. It initiates deep inner voyages, and allows one to return to a higher state of consciousness for example in yoga.

10) Black Jade is referred to as a travel gemstone that prevents the illness and is also beneficial for the one who travels alone and also protects the children and pets from being hurt during a journey.

**3 Topics That Jade Wearer Must Know:

1) Easy Way to Identify Jade by Yourself

Naturally, jade allows the light to get through. So to check it, use the light. When the light touches the jade, it reveals the green of jade itself.

2) How to Check It Is Jade or Counterfeit Object

Pour boiling water onto jade and leave it for 2 minutes. Then drain off the hot water and put the vinegar on the jade. Now you will see that fake jade will let its particles out.

3) Recommended Style of Wearing Black Jade

To wear black jade well, you should get it close to your skin so that it can send good energy to your body directly.

Origins of Black Jade:

Nephrite and jadeite are the two forms of black jade found throughout the world. Black jade nephrite is the most common variety of black jade and can be found in the U.S. in California and Wyoming. Black jadeite is harder and rarer than nephrite, but can be found in Burma and Guatemala. As a result, black jadeite is more expensive than black jade nephrite.

Colors & Meanings of Jade Stones:

Many people fail to realize that jade comes in more colors than green. In fact, the different colors of jade each have their own meaning or properties as follows:  

-     Black Jade: This stone originates the protective and strong energy that removes the negative energies, psychological or physical including the self limitation.
 -    Lavender Jade: It lowers down the emotional hurt and offers the spiritual nourishment.
-    Purple Jade: This stone encourages the happiness and the fun and also purifies the aura of the wearer. It drives out the negativity and increases the level of judgment.
 -    White Jade: It filters the interrupts, pulls the constructive and relevant information and helps in making then correct decisions.
 -    Brown Jade: This stone is grounding; it connects the one to the Earth and offers the reliability and comfort.
 -    Red Jade: It is the stone of life-force power that dispels the fear that pulls the one back and helps him to make an action.
-    Orange Jade: This stone brings the happiness and joy. It is quite simulating and energetic.
 -    Yellow Jade: It is energetic and cheerful and a stone of discrimination and assimilation.

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Last modified : 23 Jun 2017 - 04:47 PM (GMT+7:00)

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