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LP Khwan, Wat Thab Yai Chiang, Phitsanulok ** Protect & Enrich

Wat Klang Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao**Plenty & Security

No.1160: LP Boon **Wealth-Charm-Protect

Amulet Accessories

No.12: Auspicious Picture Collection**Good Decor

No.2: Durable Strong Stainless Casing

No.423: Handmade Braid Rope Framing

Auspicious Amulet
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Donate for Restoring Temple - Holy LP Prasert 80th Birthday Anniversary Medal
with Katha Monk&Amulet_Master

Wat Chang, Ayutthaya Province

product detail / customize add to cart $11.49
Superb Kindness & Wealth! White Nang Pim Yant Cloth
with Katha NangPim_LPUp

LP Prasan, Wat Chong Kling, Kanchaburi Province

product detail / customize add to cart $14.99
Enhance Yr Life Every Way! Tiny Brass Phra Chaiwat Yannavisut Vitthayakom
with Katha PKR_Master

LP Thong, Wat PhraPhutthabatKowYaiHom, Chaiyaphum Province

product detail / customize add to cart $18.49
Greatly Spiritual All Ways You Wish! Phra Khun Paen Duang Kamol, 108-Plant Powder
with Katha KP_Master

LP Sommai, Wat Kam Pho, Ubon Ratchathani Province

product detail / customize add to cart $36.49
Best protection, charm & good trade! Palad Khik Nang Kruan (2 ladies)
with Katha PK_LPNon

LP Non, Wat Khao Phan Thup, Prachuabkirikhan Province

product detail / customize add to cart $93.49
Utmost Life Enhancing Brahma Medal with White Enamel
with Katha Amulet_Arsomkruthao_Master

AJ Hon Yoon, Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon, Nonthaburi Province

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One Price Protect collection LP Thuad holy herb amulet in small imprint – Maha M : ...
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$79.49 $52.00
Rare Phra Kring Khiew Gaew Amulet - First batch : LP Kalong, Wat Kowlam, Sakaew pro...
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$1,088.99 $892.00
Rare collection B.E.2512 Phra Somdej Pae Sam Pun holy powder amulet : LP Pae, Wat ...
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$1,099.99 $892.00
Free Shipping Very Rare collection B.E.2512 LP Koon coin – First Batch : LP Koon, ...
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$3,589.99 $2,850.00
One Price Wealth collection B.E.2547 Jatukham Ramathep holy powder with purple c : ...
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$157.49 $92.00
One Price Rare collection Phra Khon Samorn old amulet – The best Buddha amulet o : ...
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$134.99 $92.00

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No.1317: LP Noon **Secure & Wealthy All the Time!

No. 1317

LP Noon, Wat Pa Phutthamok, Sakon Nakhon Province Phra NakProk Noon Sarp **close order Fri. 30 Mar. 2018
No.1301: KB AriyaChat **Extremely Wealthy

No. 1301

KB AriyaChat, Wat Saeng Kaeo Phothiyan, Chiang Rai Province Kot Setthi (Extremely Wealthy) **close order Fri. 30 Mar. 2018
No.1296: LP Whan **Peacefulness, Prosperity & Welfare

No. 1296

LP Whan, Wat Klong Koon, Phichit Province Phra Kring Phet Setthi - LP Whan Image - Meed Mor **close order  Wed. 28 Feb. 2018

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Nice Classical Silver and Black Nakorn Niello Ring with Thai Delicate Pattern : Ac...
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Nice Elephant Tail Bangle, Big Black Line with Silver : Accessories, Thai amulet
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Greatly Auspicious 1st Batch Holy Powder Phra Somdej Maha Mongkol Amulet : Wat Phr...
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Jewelry & Gems

No.10 (1): Auspicious Elephant Tail Accessories

No.547: Thai Handmade Silver Accessories, Thai amulet

No.463(2): Auspicious Jewelry & Gem Collection

Amulet Book

“LP Jong of Natangnork Temple” Book with biography of LP Jong and pictures of amulets in colorful

Temple Activities

No.56: Contribute Building Monk Shelters: Wealthy Wasp Amulet

No.55: Build Bell Tower: Luangpho Than Jai Medal

No.58: Cast LP Thuad, Somdej Toh and the Bell, Get LP Charn Medal

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Recommend amulet of January 2018
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B.E.2503 LP Phuek amulet with his ashe

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